Windows 10 - The Last Windows OS From Microsoft?

Windows 10 Last Windows?
Windows 10 Final OS From Microsoft?

Windows 10 - The Last Windows OS From Microsoft?: Windows 10 is not the only operating system available. There are many operating systems available for computer. Example: Linux, Mac OS, Unix. Out of all these operating systems, the most used widely known operating system is Windows. Windows operating system was developed by one of the biggest companies in the world today, which is Microsoft.

Is this really a big issue for us if windows 10 is the last Windows OS from Microsoft? Windows operating system the best of all the operating systems ever made and 90% of the computers in the world have Windows installed as their operating system. The first windows that was released was Windows 1.X which was released in 1985, but most people started using Windows with the release of Windows 95 and 98. 

These 2 versions of Windows operating systems were used in a lot of computers. Then with the release of Windows XP windows became even more popular since Windows XP became more user friendly and easy to use.

The mostly used operating system after Windows XP was Windows 7 which is still being used today by a lot of people. A lot of people still use Windows 7, since it is one of the best operating systems that has been released by Microsoft. The last operating system released by Microsoft is Windows 10. Windows 10 was released in July 2015. Most computers have Windows 10 installed today. It has been a while since Windows 10 was released and it really seems like Windows 10 is the last OS for windows.

However, recently Microsoft has confirmed to be working on a new Windows OS called Windows 10x which will be made for low spec computers. Windows 10x will not be an updated version of Windows 10, but a different Windows version which is specifically made for computers with low specs. Microsoft has already confirmed that Windows 10 will be the last OS for our computer. Which means, in order to keep everything up to date they will release new updates and add new features, UI to the same Windows 10 operating system for lifetime.

As reported by most users, Windows 10 is working very well on their devices. Windows 10 is really fun to use, customizable, user friendly and simple to use as well. Windows 10 security system is also really good in fact, the best comparing to all the other operating systems. Which is a very important thing for an operating system since, users will have a lot of personal data saved in their computer. Windows 10 also keeps us safe from all the latest security threats with the help of Windows Security and Windows 10 also takes up less energy. Microsoft tried to make Windows 10 as lightweight as possible.

Overall, It really does look like Microsoft actually does not need to release a new operating system since, they can just release updates to fix issues with this OS and release new features unless they are making big, major changes to the operating system. I think that is the reason why Microsoft has decided to make Windows 10 the last operating system. 

My personal advice will be to keep your devices up to date in order to use what Microsoft comes up with every new update and it is always better to keep your devices up to date so, it runs smoothly and better because let us not forget that in every update they are going to fix bugs and issues that could cause harm to our device. You should also update to Windows 10 if you are using Windows 7 since Windows 10 is packed with a lot of useful features and safe to use. Windows 7 is soon going to no longer be supported by Microsoft. They have already confirmed it. Since, Windows 10 is the last operating system for computers that are already running the operating system, Microsoft has already advised everyone to update their computer OS to Windows 10.

So, what do you think about Microsoft not releasing any new OS after Windows 10? Do you also think windows 10 will be the last Operating System from Microsoft? Do you think we actually need a new OS which comes as an updated version of Windows 10? If yes then why do you think so? Are you currently using Windows 10 on your computer? If not then what are your reasons for not upgrading? Let us know what you think about Windows 10 being the last windows operating system. Share your thoughts by commenting down below in the comment section. Thank you for staying with us.

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