How To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming And Performance

Optimize Windows 10 Performance
How To Optimize Windows 10

How To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming And Performance: We all need computers for doing many things for us. Without a computer, our life would not be this easy. We do many things on the computer everyday. We do office work, school work , home work. Sometimes when we are doing something important our computer just freezes out of nowhere and it pisses us off so bad. I mean who would want their computer to hang when he/she is doing something very important?

Now, we are here to learn how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming and performance. Before that you should know, there are different reasons why your computer might be freezing. Sometimes it can be because you have hardware issues, it can also happen if you have corrupted windows installed on our computer and I think one of the most common reason for the freezing issue is your computer is affected by virus, but if you think that these are not the reason for the freezing issue then there are fixes available for your computer that are most likely going to work for your computer.

Today, I am going to tell you ways that you could make your computer run smoothly and fast so that your computer does not freeze and you do not have to stop in the middle of doing something important. Try these steps and you might see an improvement.

Optimize Windows 10 performance

1. Right click on the windows button on the bottom left corner. Click on run now type in temp, %temp%, prefetch  when you type each of those in cmd and hit enter you will that it shows a lot of files. press control+a select all and delete these files for all of them and now your computer will run faster.

Optimize Windows 10 Performance

2. Go to My Computer and right click on the C drive or wherever your OS is installed in. Now, click on properties, disk clean up. Wait until it calculates then click on OK. Do not worry this will just delete some unused files that are slowing down your computer now close the window once it finishes deleting the files.

Optimize Windows 10 performance

3. Always use a good anti virus software to make sure that your computer is not affected by virus. We browse through the internet almost everyday. We download files that could contain virus. We do many things on our computer that could get our computer affected by virus. It is not necessary to install an anti virus software since windows already comes with an anti virus called "Windows Security". It is good enough to keep your computer safe from malware and virus. I personally prefer scanning a computer once every week using Windows Security.

Optimize Windows 10 performance

4. It is very important for us to always keep our windows up to date. Every new windows update comes with new bug fixes, improvements and new features which would help your computer run faster and if your pc is freezing or rebooting because of a bug, it may be fixed with the new update.

Optimize Windows 10 Performance

5. Open task manager. Click on Startup and you will see all the apps that are enabled and disabled to run at startup. Disable as many as you can especially the ones that are most likely to slow down your computer. This one is gonna help you a lot.

6. Lastly, you should always let your computer take some time to boot up every time you turn on your computer. Just let it start properly load all it's files and everything. Just leave your computer for at least 2-3 mins before you start working and do not forget to always refresh your computer.

That is how to fully optimize your windows 10 for gaming and best performance. They are fast and simple to do. I have always followed these steps personally and they helped my computer run faster without any issues. If you have further freezing or lagging issues then you are advised to take your computer to the service center to fix the issue. You can also try reinstalling the OS properly and see if it fixes your issue. You should also uninstall unwanted softwares. Softwares that you no longer use on your computer.

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