Poco X2 Is Going To Launch On The 4th February

Poco X2

Great news for poco fans. An upcoming pocophone is coming which is confirmed to be Poco X2. This upcoming poco phone is already confirmed by the poco india official facebook page. Being an independent brand this year, Poco is working on multiple smartphones for this year. They are starting it with the release of their upcoming Poco X2.

Poco X2 releasing soon

As you can see in the picture, Poco is calling this phone SmoothaAF which means this phone is going to have a really high refresh rate. Looking at some of the newest posts of Poco India, we can tell that this upcoming smartphone is going to have 120hz refresh rate. 

For the ones that are wondering then how about the Pocophone F2? Pocophone f2 is also coming as confirmed by Poco, but Pocophone F2 will not be the first poco phone to come this year. It will be released later on.

Everything we know about Poco X2:

A lot of people are already sure that this upcoming poco phone is going to be a rebrand of the Redmi K30. Which can be disappointing if the price stays the same. Not to mention, that the Redmi K30 also does not have a super amoled display.

From the Facebook and other social media comments, we can see that people are really disappointed about the fact that Poco India are just rebranding another device calling it the Poco X2. Some can be seen to be wanting poco x2 to have snapdragon 855 processor. While the others can be seen complaining about the display. Many people expected more since they are waiting for almost 2 years for the second pocophone.

For now, there is actually not much that we can tell about the phone until this phone is released on the 5th February, 2020. If it is just a rebrand of the Redmi K30 then this upcoming poco phone is most likely going to fail. 

Let us see if Poco can come up with something better than Redmi K30 in a lower price! All we can do is wait for the release of Poco X2. Here you can visit the official site of the Poco X2 where you will see a countdown of the release.

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