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Best life quotes of all time
Best Quotes About Life 2020

We all like quotes. Who would not like to know about the best quotes about life? I think everyone does want to know them. We all like quotes for different reasons. Some just like reading them while the others like using them on their social media or wallpaper.

Quotes tell us about many things. Some quotes can inspire us. Some can make us sad. There are different kinds of quotes when it comes to quotes. Not all of us like the same quotes either. Either you like the sad quotes, happy, inspiring or motivational ones, you are welcome here to read the quotes that I show you here.

I have collected some of the best quotes for the readers. Some of them are collected from the internet and the others are the ones that I already know about. I hope you will like them all as they are all really great quotes about life.

Best quotes about life:

1. Stars can't shine without darkness.

2. It does not rain forever, you will not be sad forever.

3. Life is worth living, keep smiling and move on.

4. Do not leave anything for tomorrow, do it now.

5. Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself with others.

6. Don't think about your past, you do not live in your past.

7. A heart that's broke is a heart that has been loved.

8. Life itself is a wonderful fairy tale.

9. In a world where you can be anything, be nice and kind.

10. Be patient for what was written for you was written by the greatest of writers.

Those were some of the best quotes about life. I hope you liked all the quotes that you knew about today. Is there any quote that you like a lot? You can let us know by commenting down below. We would love to see your favorite quotes too!


  1. After reading these quotes it has really brighten up my day knowing the current conditions of the world it has really given me hope .Thanks ....It is a wonderful Blog keep this good work in future

    1. Thank you for the comment! I am glad to know that.


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