Windows 10X - The Lightest Windows OS From Microsoft

Windows 10X Lightest OS
Windows 10X - Upcoming Windows OS

Windows 10X - The Lightest Windows OS From Microsoft: It has been a long time since Windows 10 was released. Windows 10 is getting regular updates to keep things up to date. However, we users want to try different things and windows 10 is actually not a very good OS for everyone.

Windows 10X is an upcoming and the lightest OS as of yet ever from Microsoft. Windows 10X mainly focuses on flexibility. The OS will be light weight which means it will be simple and fast. Laptops with low spec will easily be able to run this OS without any issues.

Windows 10X is a redesigned simplified version of Windows 10. Almost everything will be different from Windows 10. Microsoft will be working on making this OS even better for multitasking, start menu and quick settings. Users will also be able to go to the settings through a settings app which will make things easier for them. Some windows users are already saying it is a mixture of Windows and Android.

Windows 10X is coming for dual screen laptops and also for single screen laptops. This OS is mainly designed for laptops to work faster. Light weight OS means laptops with low specs will be able to work better with this OS. The processing speed and everything is expected to be faster than Windows 10 in this upcoming OS from Microsoft. 

It is not yet confirmed when Microsoft is going to release Windows 10X since it is still in works. Microsoft will take some time to improve this OS before releasing it for sure. This OS will also not be an updated version of Windows 10. Which means Windows 10 and 10X are different. Users will have to choose either of these depending on their needs.

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